How to make your house a dream place to live..

How to make your house a dream place to live..

You don't need the biggest house or a castle to say that you live in the dreamed house. Actually today it is all about living in smaller spaces. Anyway, even if your house is big or small you can make it into the most beautiful and vibrant space where you spend most of your time.

How do you do that?

Creating vibrant spaces.

So doesn't matter what is your style, adding a vibrant colour to any space it will make the different, even adding texture it will make the difference.  


Imagine that room without the cushions, it would be a plain space. plain spaces don't make you happy!!

Adding textures makes the spaces warmer, I mean more vibrant as well, have a look to the following pictures:

We have decorated this house with our handwoven textiles, the whole house looks like a piece of art, the fun part is that you can play around with the textiles changing positions, so your spaces will change as well every now and then.  

The family of this house in Palm Beach here in Sydney, are so happy and satisfied with the final results. The can feel the new vibe, and they Love it!


Don't be afraid of colours. we also have a range of earthy colours available in our textiles.

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