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Deia Backpack Alpaca

Deia Backpack Alpaca

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Deia Backpack the perfect bag to carry your laptop everywhere you go!

This model is ideal for professionals, students, or travelers who need to carry their laptop with them at all times. It's designed to be incredibly comfortable, with padded straps and a supportive structure. The dedicated laptop pocket provides extra protection for your device, while the spacious interior offers plenty of room for other essentials.

This backpack is my go-to choice for both travel and everyday adventures. Its sleek design and versatile functionality make it a standout option for those who refuse to settle for ordinary laptop backpacks.

Join me in adding a touch of style and comfort to your daily routine with this exceptional backpack!"

Materials: 100% wool

Inside pocket for laptop.

Body: 100% Linen

100% handwoven by indigenous communities Aymaras.

Lined 100% cotton

Measures: 34cm x 36cm 

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