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Piera Ceresa was founded by Piera Ceresa, a 34-year-old Chilean woman. She is passionate about art, cultures, and traveling. Piera has always had a special connection with indigenous cultures in South America, especially in the northern regions of Chile and southern Peru. She has made multiple trips to Peru, Bolivia, and northern Chile, experiencing these indigenous cultures firsthand. During these journeys, she began to understand and appreciate their way of life and traditions. The textile tradition is a vital part of their culture. What amazed her the most is the deep history and dedication behind their practices, using textiles as a means to tell stories and express art. The way they weave and the colors they use vary depending on the landscapes in which these communities are surrounded. The textiles, known as 'mantas' or 'aguayos,' serve multiple purposes in their everyday lives, from going to markets to carrying food, babies, and using them as blankets and rugs.

The idea for Piera Ceresa was born after Piera realized that this beautiful practice is becoming endangered, primarily due to industrialization, globalization, and technological advancements. As cultures adapt to these changes, they risk losing their unique identities. The concept of Piera Ceresa is about preserving this tradition and culture, bringing their artwork to a modern and stylish audience. Piera works directly with the Aymara and Quechua communities to keep the tradition alive while sharing their artwork in Australia, where she is now based. Join us in our mission to preserve these age-old traditions and encourage new generations to engage in this practice.


Keeping ancestral traditions alive..

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About our products..

Unique pieces

Every one of our products is carefully designed by Piera Ceresa, and we offer them in limited quantities. Our stock typically ranges from just 1 to 4 pieces of each product, ensuring their exclusivity.

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Our textiles are meticulously handwoven using one of the oldest weaving techniques, a tradition passed down for thousands of years from one generation to the next by the Aymara and Quechua indigenous communities. The symbols and colors incorporated in these textiles hold specific cultural significance related to the regions where they are crafted.

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Organic Materials

At Piera Ceresa, we blend our ancestral textiles with organic materials, including cotton, linen, and silk. We proudly avoid the use of any synthetic sources, maintaining a commitment to all-natural materials.