Shipping & Returns Policy


Shipping Policy

Estimated Delivery Times:


NSW / VIC: 3-10 working days from the order date.

QLD / SA / WA: 3-10 working days from the order date. (If the product description mentions 10 working days delivery, it means the product will be dispatched via FedEx from our Factory located in Chile).

New Zealand

5-10 working days from the order date.

Europe and rest of the World

10-12 working days, sent via FedEx.

Please note that these are estimated delivery times, and while we make every effort to ensure timely delivery, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Return and Exchange Policy:

Conditions of Return:

If you are not fully satisfied with your Piera Ceresa item purchase, you can exchange your undamaged item within 7 days of purchase.

We do not accept returns. Only exchanges are permitted.

The Piera Ceresa item must be returned in the same condition it was delivered, without any stains, and in the original packaging if possible.

The cost of shipping for the return/exchange is the responsibility of the client.

To initiate a return or exchange, please send your item to the following address: Piera Ceresa 3 Kokoda Crescent Beacon Hill NSW 2100 Australia

Additionally, please notify us of your return or exchange by emailing

We value your satisfaction and will do our best to accommodate your requests within the specified guidelines.

Please note that this is a general template, and you may need to customize it further to fit your specific business requirements.


Keeping ancestral traditions alive..

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About our products..

Unique pieces

Every one of our products is carefully designed by Piera Ceresa, and we offer them in limited quantities. Our stock typically ranges from just 1 to 4 pieces of each product, ensuring their exclusivity.

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Our textiles are meticulously handwoven using one of the oldest weaving techniques, a tradition passed down for thousands of years from one generation to the next by the Aymara and Quechua indigenous communities. The symbols and colors incorporated in these textiles hold specific cultural significance related to the regions where they are crafted.

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Organic Materials

At Piera Ceresa, we blend our ancestral textiles with organic materials, including cotton, linen, and silk. We proudly avoid the use of any synthetic sources, maintaining a commitment to all-natural materials.